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Houston Psychological Associates

Getting the right help can make you feel like a whole new person!

My 20+ years as a clinical psychologist allow me to offer you scientifically based, solution oriented therapies to help you realize your true potential and lead a happier. healthier life. I am here to offer you the support and encouragement that you need and to teach you coping skills to help you enhance your self-esteem, have more fulfilling relationships ,and cope with anxiety/depression. I understand that your life circumstances are as unique as you are and I tailor your treatment to your individual needs.

If you're looking for guidance to help you through a difficult situation or you're ready to take the first step to becoming a more positive and fulfilled person, I'm here to help. I offer individual, couples, and family therapy along with hypnotherapy and stress management training.

Call or email me today to set up an appointment or to request a free 15 minute telephone consultation!